Creative Officer Intern

28 May 2016

Internship Description

Looking for someone who can run the company and handle responsibilities, and on the way gain valuable experience: 1. We expect the partner to be 100% committed towards work and connect with the business we are trying to do. Needs to commit atleast 55 hrs. every week. This is a bare minimum. 2. These are some of the things we expect you to take ownership of as the Creative Office of PropChunk: a) Devise a Product Positioning Strategy – PropChunk being a unique product needs to convey its value proposition and educate the target market in the most effective way. You will need to devise and execute a clear plan to position PropChunk. b)Knowledge of any one photo editing software (like photoshop, coral draw, etc.) is essential. You will be redesigning the logo and creating multiple images for the website/brochures/cards/other marketing collateral, thereby giving PropChunk a brand identity. c)Awesome copywriting skills: You’ll need to create AD copy for advertisements on multiple channels – Adwords, Email, SMS, etc. d)Awesome content marketing skills: You’ll need to create a press kit with all content, that can be easily used by media outlets. You will be the owner of Content writing on the website, Wordpress blog design & content, guest writing on other blogs, SMS, Emails (both content & design), etc. e)You will be creating a design bible for PropChunk that will include things like the primary & secondary colors, font family, font sizes (h1 through h6), line spacing, kerning, padding, margins, etc. You’ll need to ensure that these design rules are followed in all Ads, websites, blog, marketing collateral, and any other form of communication. The idea is to have a partner who is passionate enough to take the branding & positioning initiative for PropChunk and potentially help us in PR activities across multiple cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune. 3. Must be proactive - in giving suggestions or doing stuff that takes the business forward on her/his own. Must pro-actively figure out potential issues around Content, Design, Creatives, etc. and get them sorted on her/his own. 4. The total stipend is INR 6,000/- for a period of 2 months. To compensate for a small stipend, each partner of PropChunk will personally work with you on your learning goals. Infact, we encourage interns to invest 3 hours each week under the intern development program in office for self-development, either by working on a business idea or getting mentorship from the partners. Creative skills like Photoshop editing combined with HTML/CSS design skills is a big plus. The experience you will gain by running and re-branding the startup, rather than being a part of one, is something other companies may not be able to provide.

About Company

Indians love property, and it is a safe asset to invest in. But investing in real estate typically requires HUGE amounts of money, locking out most investors. Real Estate prices have drastically increased in the last 10 years, with almost 180 million young buyers aged between 25 and 35 priced out of property ownership.
We have setup the financial structures using a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) based model in which many small investors come together to contribute small amounts towards a specific project development.
PropChunk CrowdInvesting, is bringing Real Estate Crowdfunding in India via Fractional ownership of Real Estate. PropChunk enables the average middle class investor to invest in real estate with amounts as little as Rs. 1 Lakh and yet gain superior returns. It's just like investing in a financial instrument, except with way more returns and appreciation potential.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)