Business strategy executive

Simply Body TalkMumbai
20 Jan. 2017

Internship Description

The output of the internship should be a letter of recommendation covering competitor analysis, improvements in marketing strategy and scope of business expansion PROFILE DESCRIPTION: • The person will need to understand the current business model of the company and identify competitors for the same, both nationally as well as internationally • Complete competitor analysis, including content, marketing strategy, pricing, etc • Analyze the online content of the company and pinpoint pain areas, with specific strategies for improvement. This will include SEO. • Understand the current marketing of the company and offer ideas for improvement. This will include both business ideas as well as design ideas. • Identify players for possible tie ups, present reasons for the identification, and prepare presentation for the same. EDUCATION / SKILLS REQUIRED • Background in marketing, either BBM or currently pursuing a masters’ degree in management • Working with Wordpress website and basics of SEO implementation • Comfort with preparing presentations, attending meetings


Expenses will be covered at actuals. Looking to retain serious applicants on a permanent basis

About Company

The company was founded in 2013. We specialize in non verbal communication, especially body language. The following are the areas in which we work:
Consulting to media agencies for advertisements
Consulting to individuals for one on one coaching
Conducting workshops for individuals and training sessions for corporate
Participate in live interactions for interviews and negotiations
We are active in having our articles and views published in magazines and online platforms.
We are also working currently on exploring technology tools focused on body language to read behaviour of consumers and clients in different domains.


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