Campus Ambassador

28 July 2014

Internship Description

Here's a chance to get involved with one of the biggest confluences in India, changemakers Confluence 2K14 Organised by Esteem youth Foundation Campus Ambassador. That's what we call you! Your job? Nothing too fancy. But you'd have a lot to gain. Here are few requirements needed:- 1. Good at time management. 2. Good communication skills. 3. Can work under time pressure. 4. Good at Social media marketing. 5. Help us spread the word. Reach out to your college junta, attract students to attend the confluence as delegates, answer their queries regarding the event and flush them with Confluence news, mailers, updates, posters and videos. 6. Sounds too tough? You have nothing to worry about, we'll be there to assist you at every step of the process. 7. Note: 10% of the delegate fee will be given to the Campus Ambassador (CA) if he/she brings at least 5 delegates. 8. Also a certificate will be given to the CA irrespective of the number of students he/she gets on board. 9. So the minimum capping is 5 delegates per CA for the monetary incentive .The incentive should be covered as Operating Cost. If the Campus ambassador is able to bring at least 10 delegates ( who pay their respective delegate fee) on board, his/her entry for the 3 day confluence will be free of cost!


The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. Promoting event via social media, word of mouth, etc. 2. Promotion of event in your respective college/institution. 3. Bring in students from your college on board to attend the confluence.

About Company

Esteem Youth Foundation is a youth-led organisation working with utmost commitment in the field of youth empowerment and academic excellence in research and development. The organisation was founded by students of the University of Delhi. Though it had a humble beginning it has now been established as one of India’s most dynamic youth-led organisations dedicated to creating leaders.

Esteem Youth Foundation is a humble yet significant effort at stimulating and shaping the youth of India. It is a steady step towards promoting, and eventually refining the voice of the entire youth, irrespective of religion, region, gender, caste, creed, race and most importantly socio-economic status, by constantly engaging them in discussions, deliberations, debates, meticulous planning, field activity and, with special emphasis, far-sighted thought. From this EYF seeks to give way to a much-wider vision of progress and democracy, and the rise of a next generation deserving and fully capable of being a part of a constructive popular mandate that turns this vision into a reality.

Esteem Youth Foundation also realizes that field activity is an important means of reaching its ultimate objectives, since that allows us to provide short-term end services to society as well. We plan to organize and constantly engage in socio-cultural activities, most of which will lay special emphasis on the eradication of social hurdles to the causes of youth empowerment, education and true democratic action – the three pillars to our ultimate vision of a progressive, sensible and radical India.


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