Community Development Intern

5K - 10K
19 Feb. 2016

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1.Building a niche community of designers and artists. 2.Mass reach out to influencers, interest groups etc on social media platforms. 3.Maintaining a relationship with the artists and building networks. Who can apply: 1. The candidate should have good communication and networking skills. 2. He/She should be active on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Should be well organized and efficient.

About Company

Canvs is a community of designers and artists in India. It is created to make things simpler in the creative fields, to allow people to know each other, make a living out of it, and grow it better than any other intellectual community in India. Canvs is also open to the world but our efforts are now concentrated towards India. We are making this a place where you can come, explore creative work, find creative people to work with, get opportunities, solve your queries and more.
Canvs offers you a portfolio to upload your work, segregated in Boxes, which are units in which your works of one theme are put by you. Canvs offers you jobs and opportunities via Connects. These can also be taken offline by us when we contact you as we find your work suitable for it. Apart from this Canvs allows you to sell your work, take part in Exhibitions that we host and publicize.


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