Summer Intern

24 July 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements: 1. Excellent communication skills. 2. Event Coordination.


The primary responsibilities are: 1. Coordinating events for RightToBusiness.Com. 2. Engaged in industrial research, diagnostic studies, event coordination and promotion of entrepreneurship support services of RightToBusiness.Com.

About Company

Entrepreneurs put their body, soul and capital to build small business enterprises. Regulations, restrictions and resistance, ensure that entrepreneurs do not settle. Its almost impossible for people who have dreams but lack funds and connections. RightToBusiness.Com has been promoted to nurture the culture of entrepreneurship, make business enterprises sustainable and accelerate the pace of human development through economic activities.

We offer strength of our people, network and technology to all entrepreneurs who put their body, soul and capital to build small business enterprises.Our non-regulatory interventions like knowledge, collaboration, training, systems and mentoring can reduce time and costs in building and growing enterprises.

We don't serve, we partner in your business. Your profit is our profit and your loss is our loss.


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