Electronics B.Tech/ Diploma Interns

11 Nov. 2016

Internship Description

Education: Diploma Language: Soldering , Component mounting , Testing Should be good in electronics components, computer knowledge, Soldering. Knowledgeable Embedded C programming. Ready to Travel & Shift. Good Communication Skills and Presentable.

About Company

EnGeniusLab is a house of technologies, products and services for various verticals, with its strength for Research & Development in both Hardware & Software solutions for the embedded real-time systems & Product market. We are a team of engineers continuing in the market to add strength to our competitive edge in developing high quality Packages and Products, which meets the customer requirements. Understanding the needs of the customer and developing products which exceed expectations is an ongoing commitment.

We are now focusing on progressively increasing our customer list as well as holding soft wares to significantly enhance the performance and building market leadership.


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