Chemistry And Biology Intern

10K - 15K
17 Jan. 2016

Internship Description

The internship involves working on the following: 1. Academic content creation - of books, assignments, tests and quizzes. 2. Content review - by adhering to guidelines stipulated by clients (that includes publishers and eLearning companies). 3. Training and research - by imparting training modules to new joinees and trainees.

About Company

Evelyn Learning Systems is an 8 year old private education company based in Delhi/NCR with focus on quality academic content creation for teaching and publishing purposes. Evelyn believes in Education through Quality Teaching, and as such develops content that is true to this belief. A teacher is the best judge of the teaching method that will deliver the most effective learning experience. This is the reason why Evelyn’s content experts are Teachers. These experts develop content by drawing from their teaching experience,knowing which subject areas are more challenging for students to understand. Therefore, they provide more detailed explanations for such blocks to ensure the subject areas are fully understood by the students.


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