Operations Intern

06 June 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: A logistics operations Person workday can include running a direct distribution center. They ensure that incoming materials from suppliers are in good order and properly stored, and that outgoing parts and materials for customers leave in the right quantities and in good condition. Throughout the day, they may be negotiate with transportation companies over rates or service levels; prepare documents; or review invoices and customs documents. A logistics operations person may need to look into and resolve issues with suppliers, customers, transportation companies or employees. They also may review distribution center workloads with other departments, coordinating with the schedulers and planners.

About Company

Valuecart is a startup business in ecommerce sector, founded in 2015. The Company offers a personalized e-commerce experience by enabling its users to build online shopper profiles reflecting their tastes and interests and by delivering targeted product recommendations based on users’ browsing and purchase histories. Each of its customers has a user name and password, which allows him or her to track order status and check bonus points accumulated from previous purchases. It also analyzes each customer’s purchase patterns and sends personalized e-mail notices periodically, updating them on new product launches and promotional and marketing events.


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