Adore India Volunteering

NGO & Government
11 March 2016

Internship Description

Adore India's objective is to motivate youth to become responsible citizens and to take up social activities for over-all development. You have to devote 2-5 hrs per week mentoring and guiding school students to be better and responsible citizens. It is a selfless volunteering program as a responsible citizen of the country. The volunteers have the flexibility of activity, time and location. If you are interested in working meaningfully and make real difference in our society, you are welcome to associate with us. Please note - We do not provide stipend, nor do we want volunteers to join for the sake of certificate . So apply for this program if you can contribute few hours with dedication and selflessly. The volunteering will provide you with internal happiness, build up your confidence and will make you proud of yourself. Please also visit and or write to us for more details. To enroll as volunteer, go to volunteering section at Features of Adore India Volunteering: 1. Any location all over India – at your own locality. 2. Only 2-3 hours of volunteering per week. 3. Flexible timing and procedure. 4. Mentoring, motivating young students. 5. Builds one’s confidence, leadership quality and communication skills. 6. Requires initiative and sincere working. 7. One can Volunteer as long as possible. 8. Pure selfless working. No stipend/awards. If you are interested, please fill in the volunteering form at or call 9830089210

About Company

Adore India motivates youth for positive action. It is a network of motivated youth who are working for the betterment of the society. It is a totally voluntary work, where dedicated students work selflessly. The students can work as per their convenience.


Apply now, before this opening flies away.