Internships for MCA candidates

Markytics is a team of highly qualified and passionate analytics professionals. At Markytics the objective is to develop strategic partnerships with their clients to deliver improved profits and enhanced customer value by drawing on their strengths in data analytics and statistical modeling. See More
Data Science And ML Engineer Internship
OSI Systems Inc. is a diversified global developer, manufacturer, and seller of security and inspection products, medical devices, and optoelectronic-based components, as well as a provider of engineering and manufacturing services. The company has more than 30 years of experience in electronics ... See More
Software Development Internship

Deep Learning Internship

Compensation: 5K - 10K INR
FlixStock has developed a technology to replace model photoshoots. FlixStock’s programmatic image generation technology removes the need for hiring models, makeup artists, and lifestyle photographers yet produce garment images with the look of high-quality model photoshoots. FlixStock works with ... See More
Deep Learning Internship
EvolutionCo is an exceptional team with a common vision & passion to create engaging end-customer experiences through the intersection of human behavior, technology & design. We are a true interactive consultancy in every sense of the term. They are passionate about the interactive domain and bri... See More
PHP Internship
StartxLabs is an international website and mobile app development company providing the best in class digital services. Launched in 2014, StartxLabs aims in innovating a digital future by developing technology for the web and mobile platforms. From their beginning as a technology development com... See More
Software Engineering Internship
Skiify is an initiative of IIT Bombay alumni with the aim of enriching the practical aspects of engineering sciences and technology through certified learning solutions. It is established with the primary goal of furnishing knowledge related to the application part of the theory. The courses are ... See More
Management Internship

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