Natural Language Processing Intern

IT & Computers
5K - 10K
17 March 2017

Internship Description

As a member of the Natural Language Processing Research group, you will work on challenging research problems that have a concrete impact on exciting real-world applications. The focus of this ideally 6 month intern position will be on development and application of machine learning algorithms for natural language understanding with application in healthcare domain. Required Skills: 1. Machine learning with experience in deep learning /neural networks. 2. Natural language processing (NLP). 3. Strong programming and debugging skills 4. Experience running accuracy experiments and systematically improving performance. 5. Good communication skills (written and oral) 6. Enrolled student of a MSc or PhD program


1. Conduct research and experiments to solve problems related to Natural Language Processing (NLP). 2. Implement prototypes to test new ideas and NLP algorithms. 3. Analyze and improve performance of existing NLP algorithms. 4. Present findings (written reports or oral presentations, as appropriate).

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