Graduate Trainee Intern(IT)

5K - 10K
27 Oct. 2015

Internship Description

1. Must have sound knowledge of Java/.Net/Android/PHP etc. 2. Must have done training from any recognized institute. 3. Good in technical and aptitude. 4. Strong communication skills. 5. We are small/start-up company(training & development), we require your complete attention and dedication towards work. 6. You may need to visit client location with our staff(management/admin) for project/business requirement. 7. You need to understand the business requirement from the client and explain to junior or senior staff and help them with development perspectives.


1. We are looking for a developer(Java/.Net/PHP/Android etc.), apart from working with development teams, you may need to work sometimes with admin & management team. 2. You may be asked to attend client call if any RFC/RFP is generated. 3. You may be asked to train the other junior/senior employees on various technologies in which you are comfortable. 4. You may be asked to travel for attending training/meeting in a remote location for a period of time. (However prior notice will be issued). 5. You will be asked to gain knowledge from your senior/junior employees and also you need to share your knowledge with them. 6. You may need to join us immediately. (Short notice period).

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