Machine Learning Intern

Bringle AcademyMumbai
IT & Computers
5K - 10K
30 March 2017
B.E. / B.Tech,

Internship Description

1. Working towards a Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Math or a related field, Advanced degree preferred. 2. A passion for solving real world problems with machine learning 3. Experience working with collaborative filtering, clustering, classification, regression, and/or statistical modeling. 4. Knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, Redshift or other big data tools 5. Knowledge and experience of SQL and relational databases 6. Fluency with statistical tools such as R or Python scikit-learn 7. Proficiency in Java or C++ 8. Strong computer science fundamentals (data structures and complexity)


1. Working with Hadoop, Redshift, and other big data systems 2. Applying machine learning techniques to personalize the site experience for our users 3. Building algorithms to help our review fraud team catch bad guys 4. Working on various classification and regression problems over our huge database of traveller reviews and site data

About Company

Sudhaansh Enterprise is looking for Interns, Full Time & Part Time professionals in various categories like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Operations, Human Resource, Branding, Public Relations, Website Maintainence, Content Management, Customer Service Executives globally in Industries like Finance and Investment, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Technology and Innovations, Internet Of Things (IOT), Education and Career, Travel and Shopping.


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