Software Development

17 Feb. 2016

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1.You will develop modules to analyze the performance of each student. With more than 3 lac code submissions (on our platform) totaling nearly 3 million lines of code [last 6 months] we have enough data on each student. Training + Assistance will be provided for module development. 2. Conceptualize new Tech Courses for Engineers, Assist in creating the requisite Curriculum and Deliver the course (if required) 3. Create/Expand new modules in our existing course/platform based on learning/feed backs from students. So as to enable each student to get better outcomes from our training modules. 4. Support our Students through various activities (will depend on course type). 5. Create/Assist in new Experiments to cater to the needs of Engineers.

About Company

Trisect is an innovative educational startup that transforms fresh engineering graduates into good quality software developers.
Founded and run by IIT alumni, the company is committed towards changing the technical education landscape in India.
We achieve this transformation by maintaining sharp focus on three things:
1. Making students independent – teach them how to learn on their own and how to solve problems independently
2. Imparting work ethics – Work hard, be sincere, and never give up
3. Imparting real world software development skills.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.