Web Developer

Location(s): Delhi
Category: IT & Computers
Applications Start Date:
Stipend: 1
Duration: None day
Last Date To Apply: 09 July 2014
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Slots: 1

Intern Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities:- 1. Develop applications (coding, programming). 2. Create and execute designs for small sets of new functionality as part of a software project. 3. Write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet business requirements. 4. Test the website and identify any technical problems.

About Company

From invention of wheel to connecting the world through internet, the best of innovations mankind ever saw, began with a very simple idea and ended up making lives of generations to come even simpler.
These simple ideas led us to machines that could fly humans from one place to another, wires that transmit electricity, machines to write books en masse, toilets for that matter, and now we live with devices communicating wirelessly. As innovation and creativity is what we live for.

Tantransha has a vision for a foreseeable future to innovate something as revolutionary as the examples given.

Tantransha believes that after taking the real world into “googlable” virtual world of internet for so long, it’s payback time now. We have to now get the virtual world to come help us in the real world in our day to day lives. We want the the 0s and 1s to now understand our real physical world and make our lives simpler in ways we have not thought of till now. For now Till these big revolutionary innovations roll out of tantransha’s labs, we will keep surprising you with “smaller” innovations.

Try to imagine a world in which chairs don’t have arm rests. Simple but it made chairs a lot more convenient. You can expect us roll out such innovative software solutions in few weeks ahead. Tantransha will bring softwares for your computers and smartphones and you will very soon wonder how did you manage living without such applications till now.


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