Android App Development Intern

IT & Computers
10K - 15K
26 Dec. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Assist in app development. 2. Testing and making different user test cases. 3. Optimization of App performance. 4. You will directly reporting to CTO and you will connected to our advisors from US and Singapore.

About Company

Shapecrunch is health-tech start up with focus on 3D printed customized products.Everyone’s feet are different. Wearing the standard insole leads to many bone problems which usually become prominent later. Shapecrunch makes medically approved insoles customized exactly according to your feet. We 3D scan your feet using just 3 photos from our app and using 3D printing we design the insole to correct your bone structure and provide you maximum comfort.


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