HR Co-ordinator Intern

Human Resources
5K - 10K
11 Nov. 2016

Internship Description

Facilitating human resources processes. Ensuring the effective utilization of plans related to HR programs and services. Answering employee requests and questions. Good with new employee hiring processes. Conducting audits of payroll, benefits, and other HR programs, and recommending corrective actions. Assisting with the performance review and termination processes. Assisting with the recruitment and interview processes. Taking initial round of HR interview. Handle and update Job description and publish new jobs on job portals. Manage and update job status updates in application tracking system. Interview scheduling and follow up with candidates. Develop and maintain excel productivity reports.

About Company

In a world where all our students have gone mobile, Zubbern is the digital screening and hiring platform with customized questions for your unique business requirement along with a Video selfie’s of the students which enables you not only to save your time but also gives you near perfect candidature’s to choose from. Hundreds of Corporates and small and medium business owners in India are using our services to create and advertise their jobs, source and manage candidates, and make the best hire. Zubbern is the easiest way to collaborate and manage mobile recruiting for any business. This's precisely what is said by our client. It's not something we can take complete credit for personally, but it definitely something we endear and celebrate.
We started in 2010 as a 150 square foot shop, all the way to modern day, with plenty of photos along the way. It's great to see the quality of the photos changing through time, almost like a family scrapbook. Customer ratings and social icons make our social presence even stronger.


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