Recruitment & Education Counseling Intern

Human Resources
5K - 10K
02 March 2017

Internship Description

We are looking for energetic & experienced HR Recruiters & Education Counselors who have experience in interviewing & counseling students on phone, answering their queries and converting them into buying our course. You will do the interviewing & counseling both on phone and in our office. You will need to be strong-willed, resilient, and able to quickly adapt to situations and tight deadlines. Candidate Requirements: 1. Persuasive & highly motivated to counsel on phone and in-person. 2. Ability to be creative in dealing with the students when counseling. 3. Handle prospective students’ objections carefully. 4. Attention to detail. 5. Ability to communicate influence & negotiate when necessary 6. Ability to communicate in a friendly, helpful, positive, persuasive and firm manner 7. Excellent telephone skills. 8. Excellent English speaking skills 9. Ability to write detailed follow up notes. 10. Confident, self motivated and incentive-driven. 11. Excellent time management skills. 12. Ability to meet deadlines, multi-task & keep calm 13. Team player. 14. Strong work ethics. 15. Disciplined work approach, Proven ability to prioritize.


During the internship the candidate will have to fulfill the following: 1. Make phone calls to students. 2. Interview & Counsel students in our office (No Field job) 3. Keep accurate and detailed records of calls made and results achieved. 4. Record details of opportunities. 5. Understand and manage personal performance on a daily basis 6. Use Interview & counseling script guidelines and follow detailed briefs to conduct calls. 7. Provide feedback and input to script and copy development.

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