UI/UX Intern

10K - 15K
26 Dec. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. UserWorks is looking for UX designers who can contribute to future ready webs and applications. A candidate who fits the bill would have detailed knowledge of UX concepts, including information architecture and UI design. S/He needs to be a good analytical thinker, with the ability to apply interactive and userability design thought to business and process requirements. 2. The candidate should be able to present concepts and interact with the internal teams as well as client representatives. Should be able to analyse requirements and build interaction scenarios and create end-to-end interaction flows and hooks, visual prototypes, keeping in mind design standards. Will be expected to solve design problems using efficient concepts that adapt to business requirements. 3. Will be required to read/research emerging trends in design and technology.

About Company

Our name underlines what we do. We create user experiences that work. Work really well.
We are a company with an eclectic mix of talent. We all like to dream of good things, and have made some of them come true. We are at times opinionated, yet extremely good listeners too.
We consider ourselves a unique enterprise, as we have number/code crunchers and pencil/colour doodlers under one roof. We are as proud of our technology skills as we are passionate of our creative conquests. We believe that life is a party, provided you can crash the right venue.


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