Rotoscopy Artist

Global ArtPune
Graphic & Design
5K - 10K
24 Aug. 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1.Knowledge of the latest programs, like Shake, Nuke, Digital Fusion, and other node-based software. 2. Drawing and painting skills are a must. 3. Desire to spend hours on end rotoscoping. 4. Should have the ability to create exact and consistent images in a timely manner, whether manually or digitally. 5. Ability to conceptualize and design from scratch. 6. Ability to come up with illustrations.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:- 1. Responsible for creating extremely detailed digital mattes using 2D image processing and drawing tools. 2. Trace over live-action movements on film, to create more realistic and fluid animation.

About Company

Global Art is a new age art connoisseur which believes in bringing the art from different markets to a common platform to help buyers review and make the right choices. The aim is to bring he buyers and sellers together so as to enable the process of exchange of ideas, view products and perspectives. We are currently focusing on Abstract form only as it strongly believes one can achieve and experience artistic expression at different levels through the Abstract form. Our vast online store collection is refreshed and uploaded with new expressions from time to time. Our values - speed, excellence and pragmatism bind us closely and allows us to stay focused and connected to our customers and markets.


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