Embedded Systems Development Intern

Potential LabsHyderabad
Engineering (Non IT)
01 Aug. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Embedded Systems Development on platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack, DIY Robotics, Prosthetics, Drones. 2. 3D Printing, IoT, BLE. 3. Android/iOS and Web development.

About Company

We’re a small research lab, but with lots and lots of potential in research areas including Android, Robotics, Integrating them both, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Systems, RTOS, VLSI, Cheaper and Affordable Electronics, OpenSource Dev, Philanthrophing, Sustainable Energy, 3D Motion Gestures etc etc etc. Huff…!!!
And on the ‘softer’ side, we’re also into Java, Google Web Toolkit, Windows Phone, HTML5, bit of PHP, Python (learning it now), .Net, JavaScript, Shell (plash – that’s our new shell, Potentiallabs shell)


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)