3D Printing Intern

JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Delhi
Engineering (Non IT)
31 Aug. 2016

Internship Description

A mechanical and electronics wizard who can design using computers and can work with materials like plastic, wood, and metal. Must Have: 1. Skills in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. 2. Good working knowledge of SolidWorks (preferred), SketchUp, Autodesk, CATIA and/or other similar CAD tools. Send us a link to your portfolio. 3. Knowledge of working, and/or building CNC, Laser Engraver, and 3D Printers. 4. Knowledge of GRBL, Slic3r, Pronterface is necessary. 5. Knowledge of Cura, Repetier, SailFish is a plus. What to Expect: 1. You will be creating new designs of robot parts in CAD. 2. Build custom 3D Printers, Laser Engraves, CNCs from scratch. 3. You will calibrate and regularly operate a 3D Printer. 4. Systematically improve the mechanical design, ensuring that a product will work with given devices, will perform consistently in specified operating environments, and is ready for 3D Printing. Graduates and/or current students of Ph.D./ M.E./ M.Tech./ B.E./ B.Tech./ MCA/ BCA/ M.Sc./ B.Sc./ MBA/ BBA from any stream, can apply. Internships run for 2 months or more and are offered to candidates with existing skills. IF YOU’VE GOT THE SKILLS WE NEED, your college/university or marks don’t matter here. But we take only the best interns, so be ready to put your skills to the test! IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE REQUIRED SKILLS for an internship yet, pursue one of our Training Programs to gain more experience. Number of Internships: 3


1. A full Start-up experience!
2. Crazy amounts of practical experience like you’ve never had before! Your resume will start to shine above everyone else you know.
3. Certificate of Internship or a Letter of Recommendation from JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for working with us!
4. A chance to attend the events that we host and get invited to across India! A chance to be featured in print and online media! Check us out on instagram/jmoontech to see what that could mean for you.
5. An open offer may be given to elite interns, to join the company any time in the next 5 years!

About Company

JMoon Learning And Building School creates innovative solutions to the current problems in Robotics using the latest technologies. We also provide various kinds of services to individuals and corporates.

JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. runs RoboRium.com, JMoon L.A.B.S., JMoon MakerSpace and MakerMandi.com.


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