Product Tester (Maker)

28 April 2016

Internship Description

Be the ever resourceful Flash and discover a new superpower everyday. Makers with blogging and technical writing skills required. Also known as Technical Interns. Must Have: 1. Experience with Arduino, Processing IDE, and/or Raspberry Pi. 2. Good working knowledge of C/C++, Java, and/or Python. 3. Ability to write technical reports. Must have knowledge of proper English grammar(written). 4. Willingness to get hands dirty with glue, splinters, dirt, tape, ink, paint etc and working with paper, wood, plastic, rubber and more. 5. Must have a interest in multiple fields. An Electronics lover stuck in Computer Science, A Coder stuck in Mechanical, and other engineering misfits are welcome. Number of Positions Open: 24 Location: Only for residents of Delhi Duration: 6 Months Minimum


What to Expect: 1. Will get to experiment with various sensors/motors/kits from 2. Will be required to create test codes for working with the sensors/motors/kits. 3. Will be required to create projects with various sensors/motors/kits. 4. Will be required to write detailed manuals of the experiments, for 5. Will get to work on the most innovative, multi-disciplinary, awesome projects available.

About Company

JMoon Learning And Building School creates innovative solutions to the current problems in Robotics using the latest technologies. We also provide various kinds of services to individuals and corporates.

JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. runs, JMoon L.A.B.S., JMoon MakerSpace and


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