Product Developer

Category: Engineering (Non IT)
Predetermined date:
Compensation: 10K - 15K
Apply to this Opening before: 13 Sept. 2014
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Slots: 1

Intern Responsibilities

The candidate should fulfil the following job responsibilities:- 1. Conceptualize and Develop products using ideas provided, from scratch in the automotive electrical and sensor tech space. 2. Should have conceptualized product ideas that require new and Innovative R and D and product technology creation from concept to prototype. 3. Commercialize such technologies and is in close contact with several distribution channels as well as OEM vehicle makers.

Additional Instructions To Applicants

About Company

The GlobeCrest is a global trade company with a distribution footprint across the planet. Our mission is to facilitate trade between geographies and fill the low cost : technology gap worldwide.

While we source products from the cheapest factories in India or China and bring them to your neighbourhod store in Cape Town or Columbia, we also transport modern western technologies to tiny villages of Vietnam or Nigeria that simplify lives. The GlobeCrest is your trade and consulting partner for developing and procuring products, designs and tools from low cost industrial nations of Asia. It is also your channel to distribute your invention to these large untapped geographies where basics like electricity and water are a daily struggle.

As the world shrinks in reach and inter dependencies grow, The GlobeCrest gives you access to the complex and largely untapped developing markets of the world. We have a scattered network of over 600 manufacturing plants/factories and 2500 distributors connecting to 1,50,000 retail points of Asia for a range of products and services.


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