PR Intern

Simply Body TalkMumbai
Content and Media
13 July 2016

Internship Description

Persons applying to this role would be handling a lot of content generation and uploading on the website, fine tuning of content and design of our training sessions, gathering contact details for potential clients. Good content gathering skills and designing skills are a must. The intern will get to participate in our sessions for sales pitches, and training schedules which fall during the interval of the internship. So you get to learn a lot about body language and non verbal communication. We are looking at dedicated long term oriented persons to join our team permanently after the internship. Number of interns: 1


The intern will also get to handle the setting up and arrangement of all the workshops conducted by us.


Expenses will be covered by us

About Company

The company was founded in 2013. We specialize in non verbal communication, especially body language. The following are the areas in which we work:
Consulting to media agencies for advertisements
Consulting to individuals for one on one coaching
Conducting workshops for individuals and training sessions for corporate
Participate in live interactions for interviews and negotiations
We are active in having our articles and views published in magazines and online platforms.
We are also working currently on exploring technology tools focused on body language to read behaviour of consumers and clients in different domains.


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