Web Content Writer

Bluebox Capital Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai
Content and Media
5K - 10K
13 July 2014

Internship Description

Job Requirements:- 1. Candidate should possess a good command over the English language. 2. An effective writing style that is fresh, consistent and Customer friendly, a knack for editing and proofreading with good research skills. 3. An understanding of keywords and meta tags - Ability to write web page titles, meta tag descriptions, ALT tags for images etc. 4. Experience with social networks and implementation of social media marketing. 5. Knowledge of the consulting, investment banking and corporate finance industry will be an added advantage.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. Writing web content for websites / portals / blog(s) of the company. 2. Writing product descriptions, brand support material etc. 3. Proofreading, editing and writing content on a regular basis for building up the website including informative short articles. 4. Monitor social media outlets and responds on topics related to company/industry. Also contribute to update the company’s social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 5. Coordinate content creation & publishing of company newsletters (internal or external) 6. Prepare internal and external communications, including announcements, press releases, quarterly corporate reports, presentations, technical documentation, sales support, etc, as needed.

About Company

Bluebox is an emerging markets focused financial services and cross border advisory group. We operate in several diversified verticals across many geographies around the world with a focus on development related projects and inclusion focused endeavours. We believe that development is good business.

While our business spans several verticals and geographies, doing business in “complex” and emerging markets require very similar skills and know-how. People from developed nations will often face a plethora of challenges and aggravation when trying to operate in emerging markets.

This is where The Bluebox Group, and its group companies provides a “bridge” between the developed worlds and emerging worlds. We make this process seamless, manage the risks, and tackle all challenges that are likely to surface before they cause a problem for our clients.

Similarly, we also work very closely with clients and individuals in these emerging markets to help them globalize, grow their markets as well as access funding from international capital markets. Many emerging market economies also suffer from a nascent or limited financial services sector and as such are not fully able to leverage on international financial products and benefit from potentially cheaper cost of capital.


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