Content Writing Intern

01 Oct. 2015

Internship Description

1. Developing and evolving all content and communications (internal and external) at Acumen, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention and builds positive user behavior. 2. Skilled at both long-format content creation and real-time content creation. 3. Maintain a consistent, coherent tone across all content. 4. Conceive, write and produce content for: - Marketing materials, such as fliers, signs. - Website -Social media -Other internal initiatives 5. Conduct primary and secondary research to understand the attitude and behavior of our target segment, to create optimal communication strategies; incorporate member feedback to make program materials more effective. 6. Working closely with the teams such as marketing, product development and user experience on new ideas, creative strategic directions and implementation. 7. .Prioritize tasks to keep multiple projects moving in a timely manner in order to meet deadline.

About Company

Acumen Educational Tours is a leading service provider in Industry education, offering academic pathways and experiential industry visit programs across India. The world is growing rapidly and learning with relevant Industry exposure has become a vital aspect of career development. Our Program works towards the same by promoting Industry – Academia Collaboration through relevant Industry Visits.
ACUMEN is striving to change the way companies and students interact today. Our aim is to help companies expand their reach and create a positive impact on students. We do this by connecting leading companies with eligible students through our Industry visit program so that they gain first-hand practical knowledge and make better informed career choices.


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