Marketing Analyst Intern

08 Sept. 2016

Internship Description

Marketing Analysts at The Indian Economist will have a intense 4 week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. There are two primary aspects to the internship - Consulting Thesis - Analysts will be given a marketing subject area relevant to The Indian Economist to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts. Peer to Peer Marketing - Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, The Indian Economist also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist. The Indian Economist looks at the Marketing Analyst program as a way to identify individuals fit to join the team as Associates* at the end of the 4 week internship period. Number of Internships: 20 to 25

About Company

The Indian Economist is a leading digital magazine that focuses on publishing high quality articles and opinion pieces on business & economics, policy, politics, culture, foreign affairs and more. With a broad range of authors representing several industries and geographies, The Indian Economist aims to present to the reader a unique perspective on issues they care about. Moreover, we try to publish content on issues that are not heard of, and present an entirely new dimension to readers. Our motto is ‘For the Curious Mind’ as we develop The Indian Economist into a forum where curious minds meet and discuss a diverse range of subject areas that affect business, politics and society in general.


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