Content and Marketing Intern

Content and Media
10K - 15K
06 Jan. 2016

Internship Description

Drive awareness, usage & engagement for our client-facing product and develop content from ideas and convert them into reader-friendly, target audience specific communication for brand promotion. 1. Work closely with the Marketing Head for brand promotion & enhancement. 2. Conceptualize and Create content and articles to attract more visitors to the website. 3. Create targeted messages & customer communications. 4. Brainstorm new & creative growth strategies. 5. Help create communication material and improve website interactivity.


Platform to learn and innovate with highly intellectual people.
1. A fun and flexible work atmosphere.
2. A football table at your disposal.

About Company

Grownout is an exclusive platform built with the essence of Network, Referral Automation and Social Hiring that spoils businesses with the ease of:
1. Hiring for job openings via Successful Employee Referral.
2. Creates Automated Talent pool.
3. Simplifies Employees' task in referral.
4. Managing and utilize your company's own network.
5. Enhancement in quality of candidate sourcing through.
6. GrownOut's strategic sourcing.


Awesome opening. Apply now.