Content Writing Intern

Content and Media
5K - 10K
02 Jan. 2016

Internship Description

Web content writers are expected to create work that is optimized for the Web. Common Web content writing practices include: 1. Succinct, fact-filled content. 2. An engaging, active tone. 3. Writing broken up by subheadings. 4. Use of bulleted lists. 5. Embedded links throughout the text. Due to the digital nature of the work, Web content writers are often required to know basic design fundamentals and be familiar with digital content management systems. They are also expected to meet strict deadlines, follow our editorial guidelines. Although many writing techniques are unique to online content writing, a thorough knowledge of standard writing practices is necessary for Web content writers.

About Company

The Coeus Squad is a full service Internet Marketing Company serving businesses all over the world. At The Coeus, we offer Web Designing, Graphics Designing, SEO, SMM, Web Research & Analysis and Virtual Assistance services.


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