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Manthan Leader

College Ambassador
5K - 10K
24 Feb. 2017

Internship Description

Manthan is the annual street play festival organized by Verve, the street play society of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, in different cities all over the country as well as various international cities with the help of college students. Manthan is a non-profit festival, which aims at promoting the art of street plays and taking it where it actually belongs, i.e. to the streets. Manthan 2017 is the 10th edition of this journey which started in 2007. HOW IT WORKS? 1. Manthan is a beautiful journey where every step is an effort towards a greater impact 2. We invite street play teams and artists all across India. 3. Each team prepares a thought provoking street play on a topic of their choice. 4. We arrange for the most suitable location for public performance in the respective cities of the teams, ensuring the marketing and promotion of the event along with media coverage. 5. The street play team's conveniences are also taken care of. 6. We contact NGO's, Theatre Groups, Organizations and Campus Leaders who help us in organizing the performances. 7. Each performance is followed by a discussion with the audience to ensure the message is well received by the viewers. Together we strive towards change, one performance at a time. MANTHAN LEADERS PROGRAM Leave a mark. Manthan Leaders Program (MLP) is a social internship under Manthan. The performances at various locations are conducted by our MLP's who have the job of co-ordinating and managing the whole event in there city. The role of an MLP is immensely important i.e. from managing the whole performance to handling communication with the team, an MLP has the role of making sure that the event takes place smoothly under his guidance and leadership. ELIGIBILITY Right from young students to graduates, anyone who is enthusiastic about working towards bringing a change in the society by contributing in various fields of event management is eligible for applying for this internship. Manthan prides itself of previously collaborating with brands like MTV, MotiLal Oswal, Sun Foundation, MTV, Hindustan Times, Hindu and many more big names. Working as a Manthan leader lands an opportunity for your talent to be recognised by these names and be offered handsome opportunities to work with them. No Of Openings:50 We have 52 cities in India where the internships are available, along with 2 international locations of Lahore, Pakistan & Nepal, Kathmandu. Checkout the following list for the cities: More than people who can work hard, we need people who can work smart. It is an open invitation to become a part of an exclusive, one-of-its-kind event, which will break many records in the country. This is an unpaid internship, no cash, but experience will earned! Be ready to make your mark!


ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP: The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Organizing India's largest street play festival- Manthan'17. 2. Conducting performances by various street play teams at prominent public places of your city. 3. Spreading the word about Manthan to facilitate the participation of more and more people in this process of social change.


1. Manthan has previously collaborated with different sponsors such as DU Beat etc. which may offer the candidate a chance to prove himself as a leader and an event manager thus widening his scope for future work from these media houses.
2. Manthan also serves as a chance for the candidate to make a social impact and work for spreading social awareness amongst the masses, thereby, supporting a social cause.
3. Street smart skills are the outcomes you can derive by working in Manthan.'

About Company

Verve, the street play society of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, is a group of enthusiastic, energetic and informed youth who have got together to pitch in with their efforts to bring about a transformation of the ailing society of today. We chose street plays or ‘nukkad natak’ as our medium to communicate with the masses, as it offers us an opportunity to break away from preaching and instead presenting ideas in a satirical, humorous and a hard hitting manner. We laugh to see a smile on their faces. We sweat to bring a frown to their minds. We raise our voices to bring a change to their hearts

Verve presents to you the Annual Street Play Festival


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