Business Development Intern

5K - 10K
09 Nov. 2015

Internship Description

1. We are looking for driven, confident, innovative and enterprising individuals who can help us get fitness professionals signed up on our website. 2. This is a virtual job which provides flexible timings. 3. We do not require any prior experience and at the same time we give you a chance to get exposure, build some experience, learn something new and improvise your CV.


1. Get a database of contacts. 2. Sign up people.

About Company

Founded in 2015, the primary purpose of Fitocrats is to help people make fitness a lifestyle by discovery of new and suitable forms of fitness in their locality. Fitocrats connects people to a personal trainer, a gym, a yoga studio, a dance studio or any other fitness centre based on various criteria such as specialization, location, convenience and budget.
Fitocrats is a community where “the fit” and “the fat” inspire each other to sweat it out and together move towards a healthier style of living. Fitocrats is a niche platform for personal trainers and fitness studios who are looking to spread the fitness fever.


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