Business Development Intern

5K - 10K
18 March 2015

Internship Description

1) Develop and implement an encompassing advertising plan for events, activities, social media and web. 2) Establish and coordinate companies presence on campus, including in-person tabling. 3) Explore and propose updates/enhancements and new options for tourism via advertising. 4) Coordinate or partner with others to lead at least one student event per month. 5) Work as a Student Ambassador for company. 6) Develop processes in compliance with University standards, policies & guidelines. 7) Other duties as assigned. 8) Students are invited for internship across India. 9) Must be ready to travel to different tourist destination of India.

About Company

Founded in early 2014, is a online portal that provides homestay for tourist at top tourist destination of India. We are startup with enthusiatic team. We have grown alot in recent months and developed a repo in Himachal Pradesh. We are looking for efficient and disciplined interns who can work smart. is based in Gurgaon. If you perform you will get really fancy stipend.


Apply now, before this opening flies away.