Sales & Marketing Intern

21 Nov. 2015

Internship Description

About the Internship: The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Sales Calls (inbound and outbound). 2. Marketing and Sales Meetings. 3. Lead Generation activities (ATL & BTL). 4. Data entry. 5. Sending emails. 6. Making invoices. 7. Client servicing. 8. Updating content for marketing.

About Company

We are into the child development space.
Our services are based on understanding and enhancing the learning ability and multiple intelligence in children. We offer a biometric based brain mapping test known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test and a Brain Stimulation workshop which is an activity explicitly designed to hone the learning ability in children, based on several studies done by educators on the way the brain functions. The objective of the workshop is to increase right brain intelligence, long term memory, concentration, intuition and sensory perception in children through brain games and binaural beats or brainwaves.


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