Business Development Executive

28 Aug. 2015

Internship Description

1. As the Business Development Executive, you will be responsible for identifying opportunities, evaluating its fit with the company vision, negotiating and closing deals. 2. You will carry out market research through industry contacts, publications, trade events, news to identify ideas for growth. 3. You will reach out directly or through partners to target prospective business deals. 4. You will filter out high potential deals by analysing business strategies, opportunity requirements / pre-requisites / financials, and internal priorities.

About Company

In today’s fast moving world we are surrounded by the advance technologies which are helping us all in each and every single way. TT is looking forward for future and is planning to prepare our future a step forward. Today, when we still get amused by the word Technology, we try to make young generation well aware of Emerging Technologies under various domains of Engineering and Technology and there vast utilization in today’s world. On the other hand, increase in industries has raised the demand for quality services and solutions. Thus, Automation& IT Services and Solutions are the branches our mission firmly holds. On a brief note, fulfilling the needs of quality services and solutions in Education and Industries is our motto.


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