Marketing Intern

Category: Business Development
Predetermined date:
Compensation: 5K - 10K
Apply to this Opening before: 14 Dec. 2016
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Slots: 1

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About Company

Why is learning stuck in the previous century when this hyper-connected world has moved on? ChalkStreet was born as an idea to change this. A few IIM graduates worked on the belief that learning should not be bound by the outdated curriculum. Nor should it be imparted only by a limited set of people at a high price. Leveraging the power of the internet, we have built a unique platform that helps teachers across the country offer great learning experiences. Bite-sized, affordable courses on relevant subjects help learners across the country learn anything, anywhere. Armed with an access to the internet, learners can discover a wide range of topics be it programming with Python or Kickboxing.Our platform also empowers self-taught experts, educators, professionals and passionate hobbyists to build great learning experiences and reach learners from everywhere.


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