Real Time Projects Intern

21 March 2015

Internship Description

1. Kindly Board HCHW for real time project this would involve lot of interactions outside the walls of HCHW. 2. An opportunity of the real learning plus supporting poor financially challenged children with education . 3. On successful completion an volunteer certificate would be provided which will be of huge help in grooming your career. 4. The duration of the project would be from a month to 45 days , In case of detailed project it might be up to 3 months. 5. Excellent Communication skills will be added advantage.

About Company

HCHW is focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and mainstreaming of children who do not know the joys of schooling. This includes children living on streets or railway platforms, slogging as labourers, begging on the streets, scraping a living as rag pickers or suffering as victims of trafficking and HIV/AIDS.
HCHW outreach team/s rescue such kids and put them initially in Transit Home, where trained personnel take care of their basic needs. The children get emotional support and are nurtured by trained professionals. Counselors correct children given to wayward behavior. The children stay in the Transit Home for about two to three months, before moving to the next phase of rehabilitation. The main purpose of putting the children in the Transit Home is to ensure that their lives take a turn for the better. Attempts are made to reunite the children with their family members.


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