Internships for BAF candidates

Digital Marketing Internship

Compensation: 5K - 10K INR
Nicheton was established in February 2018 to engage and provide HR services to the aggressively growing industries and marketplace globally. The team consists of human resource specialists who have experience working with both multinational and locally headquartered companies. They have extensive... See More
Digital Marketing Internship
BHIVE Workspace prides in being the largest Co-Working spaces in Bangalore, India’s startup capital. The hybrid workspaces are innovative office spaces and business centers with a focus on coworking and community. They provide an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups to take their ideas to th... See More
Sales and Marketing Internship
EvolutionCo is an exceptional team with a common vision & passion to create engaging end-customer experiences through the intersection of human behavior, technology & design. We are a true interactive consultancy in every sense of the term. They are passionate about the interactive domain and bri... See More
Social Media Internship
StartxLabs is an international website and mobile app development company providing the best in class digital services. Launched in 2014, StartxLabs aims in innovating a digital future by developing technology for the web and mobile platforms. From their beginning as a technology development com... See More
Human Resource Internship
Solo-SOS is an industry Leaders in tech stack development and Startup Mobilization their offerings include - 1. Startup Acceleration Organizational and technical support for startups to develop Product-Solution-Market fit with a go-to-market strategy. 2. AI ML and RPA Focus on business growt... See More
Business Development Internship
Internet Moguls is a Digital Hospitality company giving e-commerce and digital solutions to Hotels, travel companies, airlines, real estate companies, new e-commerce start-ups, and education companies from across the world, with clientele across industries and verticals. Last few years in the ind... See More
Public Relation Internship

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