Finance Intern

5K - 10K
23 Feb. 2017

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Assist Amplifi team to prepare financial statement/document templates for our startups to use. 2. Assist Amplifi portfolio startups in creating their respective financial statements. 3. Work with the finance team of Amplifi and startups on yearly forecasting efforts and business plan. 4. Help Amplifi startups with valuations research, valuation, and fundraising documentation. 5. Help Amplifi team and startups with accounts receivable, payable and bank statement reconciliation. 6. Assist with audits (both Amplifi and startups). 7. Balance sheet reconciliation (both Amplifi and startups). 8. Assist Amplifi and portfolio startups with month-end financial reports.

About Company

Amplifi is a company dedicated to bringing innovative B2B SaaS ideas to life in Asia.
We are supported by committed corporate partners, the right angels & VCs and awesome mentors from across the world.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)