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Sananda Bhattacharya

If you are seriously pressed for time and need to get winter interns as quickly as possible, then I advise you trying Switch Idea. Getting interns is very simple, thanks to their website and the helpful team.

- Sananda Bhattacharaya, JP Morgan & Chase Co


Manjiri Shukla

All the four interns that we hired from Switch Idea have been great! They not only helped us with the selection process, but the team also extended their support in skill validation of the candidates before we could hire them.

- Manjiri Shukla, Oracle Corp. Hyderabad


Chennapanaidu Darapaneni

Our experience with Switch Idea has been nothing short of awesome. We happily recommend Switch Idea to all companies that are looking to hire interns.

- Chennapanaidu Darapaneni, MeraEvents.com


Punit Kumar

Very often when we hire interns through online portals, it is always a trial period that could lead to something more. Our experience with Switch Idea was far beyond expectations. Interns were precisely funneled from final year masters, quick intros and regular follow ups were done by their team. With this, our interns did not face any challenge regarding internship period/attendance

- Punit Kumar, TechJini Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Bharat Gupta

Our policy says - The intern must be in the company for minimum three months. We generally give interns live projects to work on for their all round development and use POS/PSO for evaluating interns after the completion of their tasks/projects. Switch Idea team made is extremely easy for us to source best interns within our requirements. Thank you.

- Bharat Gupta, Vision Mechatronics Pvt Ltd


Khyati Bhatt

I have seen corporate demand miracles out of students who are yet studying the subject they are interning in. The internship ought to be looked more like learning opportunity for the student who is will to add relevant value to the company, only then it makes it a win-sin situation. I appreciate Switch Idea team for letting me choose interns who shared similar preferences.

- Khyati Bhatt, Simply Body Talk


Swastik Saraf

We hired one intern who was very active and updated with his tasks. Interns really help in projects which speed up the project completion. We have offered him a PPO, which he happily accepted and it was only possible because of Switch Idea team.

- Swastik Saraf, Appslure Web Solution LLP


Manjiri Desai

While the interns do have the flexible timings to work with us, we always explore options to make their work more productive and value driven. Project duration differs from university to university and Switch Idea serves as an excellent tool for solving the availability challenge for recruiters.

-Manjiri Desai, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.


Mukesh Naraniya

We hire for at least a month and have worked with upto 5 months of internship duration with few interns. As many interns leave in between and hiring a new one for that half project harms the project in some way. We were looking for intern who'd work for one full project. Switch Idea's website allowed us to filter students based on their availability duration and very effective in helping us selecting the shortlisted ones.

-Mukesh Naraniya, Bevy


Vivek Pathak

New perspective of interns on organizational issues help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete. Hiring interns was never an easy task, we have a proper procedure in taking confidence of all the stake holders. Thanks to Switch Idea for making this process very smooth.

- Vivek Pathak, Elation Edtech Pvt. Ltd.

Raman Sachdev

Internship is a trial period that could lead to something more. Interns are allotted work, then paid as per their performance, they are given perks and also PPO's. Our goal is to maintain a good environment, where people want to work, Switch Idea has fulfilled our expectations by providing us interns on instant basis.

- Raman Sachdev, ShaperJet

Mahesh Silveri

The real problem for start-ups is portals which provide interns don't have a proper solution, I mean so many companies need interns but seldom that gets addressed properly with a solution. Everybody is working online and expecting solutions will come thick and fast which is not so. Switch Idea has a tie up with number of colleges who in turn need their students to go for internships this easily fills up the void of interns especially start ups.

- Mahesh Silveri, Clini India


Bansi Raja

Hiring interns through Switch Idea is quick, simple and absolutely hassle-free. It's great to have interns on the floor. Gives a new perspective and give them an exposure into how the industry works.

- Bansi Raja, Gozoop


Anand Mani

Interns take longer time to understand and complete tasks. Most of the interns like to work from home. They do not want field tasks. Being a shipping company we were facing the challenge of finding interns who are willing to work on-field. Switch Idea has solved this challenge by providing us skilled interns, saving us on our training time.

- Anand Mani, Global Synergy


Vinod Raja Nagarajan

Hiring interns is beneficial for a company. If the interns stay after sufficient training, and are offered a full time role or a PPO they not only get assurance of a job but also saves the time invested in their training. Switch Idea provided us few exceptional interns, whom we offered PPO.

- Vinod Raja Nagarajan, RR Donnelley, Chennai


Piyush Gupta

Switch Idea is clean, crisp and easy-to-use, and we could find Interns as per our preferences. According to me, companies who hire interns should have good experience in project management. Listing down tasks for whole 2 months is important, this will benefit both interns and company. We made an agreement with best interns and eventually after their internship we offered them either a ppo or a part time job, which was managed by the college.

- Piyush Gupta, Techwood Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Sukaran Saluja

We required interns who could work for atleast three-months. Students who applied could intern only for a month. Hiring interns became a tough task. Switch Idea changed our view by providing us interns as per our requirements.

- Sukaran Saluja, Aplava Online Services Pvt Ltd


Sandip Bose

Switch Idea gave us access to numerous students belonging to varied categories. We hired Interns for Different Projects on Operations, Branding, Marketing and Recruitment.

-Sandip Bose, HS Brands, Bangalore


Pratik Thorat

We defined the task that the interns had to complete within a deadline and then provided them a platform to explore in the field of their interest, giving them a feel of corporate life. Hiring interns from Switch Idea was altogether a new experience and it was completely facile. Their assistance in hiring interns was commendable.

- Pratik Thorat, Thorat Technologies


Deep Mehta

A well structured task structure and time allocation matrix is a must before one hires interns. PPO's are also given to the ones who could do their jobs par expectations. Interns definitely help an organisation achieve those smaller milestones that seem unreachable in the daily executional task items. I strongly recommend Switch Idea to those who are looking for quality interns for short-term projects.

- Deep Mehta, Digi Chefs LLP