Web Manager

Web Designing & Development
5K - 10K
24 Oct. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. Solid understanding of HTML, CSS web standards, and the evolving HTML5 APIs.

2. Experience designing and developing automated/analytic software, techniques, and algorithms.

3. Familiarity with debugging tools such as Firebug / Chrome DevTools.

4. Should have good communication skills.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:-
1. Managing and testing the platform on a consistent basis to ensure best utilization of the same.

2. Optimize the keywords for ideal SEO.

3. Changes in coding to accommodate all necessary innovations and creations.

4. Managing the back end of the website effectively.

5. Creating new platforms to integrate and extend the current offering.

About Company

Paintmytees.com is a crowdsourcing website which is all about ’YOU’. It’s your designs, your colours, your ideas & your attitude – all made simple and easy for you.

We believe that the right tools, the right motivation and the necessary freedom can bring in you a spark of creativity that separates the ordinary from the extra ordinary, allowing you to bring in your attitude, your personality to your original designs. While we acknowledge the time and effort you put in to your print designs, we also offer you default designs you may want to pick off our virtual shelf.

Paintmytees is all INDIAN. We are created by a group of fearless entrepreneurs. Our printing setup is very state of the art and our infrastructure is designed for long-term challenges. Our printing ink is water based and poses no danger to health or to the environment, unlike other oil based inks.

Our tees, are your creation. Make your designs versatile – people are going to wear these designs, so allow them to be suited for both casual and special occasions. Our method of printing is quick and easy and our water-based prints are long lasting, detergent friendly and can face angry ‘dhobi’ battering.


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