Python Developer

rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Pune
Web Designing & Development
Not Disclosed
26 Feb. 2015

Job Description

1. Working on open-source Easy Engine command-line and REST-API projects mainly. Work includes coding, support-requests, documentation and anything else you like as part of your daily routine.
2. Easy Engine is moving to Cement framework. You will be mainly working on it. Though as re-factoring has not yet started, you may suggest any other library/framework.
3. Attending and speaking at different Word Camps and other community events (optional).

About Company

1. Founded in 2009.
2. 50+ Employees.
3. 2500 Clients & Customers.
4. 10,000 Users & Members.
5. Open-Source Products & Services.
6. Product Oriented.
7. Growth Potential.
8. All Meals Free.
9. No Dress Code.
10. Work from Home/Anywhere.
11. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device.
12. Saturday & Sunday off.
13. Guaranteed yearly appraisal.
14. Contribute to open-source projects in free time.
15. Yearly outings.


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