Digital Marketing Intern

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
02 April 2016

Job Description

The Digital Marketing Intern will work directly with the Digital Media Director and Digital Media Team to help develop and execute strategies for multiple clients. The intern will be exposed to advanced digital media initiatives such as paid search engine marketing, ad serving, display advertising and more. There will be ample opportunity to contribute ideas to management.

Job responsibilities will be further developed around the candidates’ strengths.
Markatix Work Span:
1. Working with client websites to develop new advertising platforms.
Build Social Media Engagement and monitor spends.
2. Working with team members to problem solve and develop solutions for advertising
3. Work on BTL activities and conjugate with digital ideas.
Alliances with media houses, sponsorship, related businesses.
Analyzing advertising report data to make recommendations about future advertising


social Media buying, Campaign Management, Digital Marketing


friday night parties, chill out sessions etc

About Company

Started by Alumni of IIT Delhi, NSIT, MICA and Design Institute, Tashkent, Markatix is an indispensable combination of Market Intelligence and Data Analytic to re-energize business. Digital Marketing is evolving at a pace faster than all conventional means and we want people to follow the trends- Digital Marketing Trends 2016.
Always up for new challenges and different projects, that will make us learn more. This has made us work and build relations with start-ups and brands in diverse industries.
Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Website/App development, Growth Hacking, Big Data Visualization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the terms we specialize in.
At Markatix, we love solving problems by understanding the present flow and keeping in mind future trends. If you have the fire to solve complex problems is a cool and easy way, write to us. We would love your company.


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