Brand Marketing

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
08 Feb. 2015

Job Description

1. Manage the operational aspects of the brand marketing program including fixing meeting with company's CEOs and Directors for marketing tie up with our portal.
2. Our Portal offers a product discovery platform where people can search on lifestyle brands, get the relevant reviews and expert views.
3. The job role is to arrange the meetings with such brands and get all the relevant, marketing and PR oriented data of the companies and promote our portal to market their brands on the portal.
4. Gather Business oriented information of the Companies, Build marketing and PR oriented data of brands, arrange CEO, CMO level meetings and pitch the marketing of brand on portal effectively.

About Company

We are an online brand review company. And is also developing some web applications/ tech products which is based on organising the information in relevant way for a customer. We are team of Bankers and Engineers and have completed education from INSEAD, IIT and Mumbai University. We are working on tech products with focus on design, data and seamless usability. We aspire to build world class products of relevant use in daily life of people, globally. We are looking to hire experienced candidates with passion to work in a startup and who want to grow with the company.


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