Marketing Fresher

Apro GreentechMumbai
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
28 Sept. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. Strong communication skills.

2. Should have strong writing skills, as well as a solid understanding of social media.

3. Should be proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office.

4. Should have good interpersonal skill.

5. Have confidence to communicate properly.

6. Have good analytical skill as well as writing skill.

7. Can work under pressure and execute project within short timeline.

8. Show seriousness towards work and execute within time frame.

9. Able to motivate people and have good social media marketing skill.


The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:-
1. Assist with mailing, make client calls.

2. Compile contact lists.

3. Search & update press clippings.

4. Create or update databases

5. Interact with clients.

About Company

Apro GreenTech is passionately driven to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to take actions today that achieve environmental and economic sustainability. We believe improving our environment is a positive message that goes hand in hand with improving our well-being and happiness in life.

1) Green Consulting : Apro gives solutions to make companies green sustainable solutions for waste, by products, energy, power consumption, packaging. Reduse Reuse Recycle.

2) Corporate Social Responsibility : We are an organisation not an ngo our company director Abhijeet Sirkar is an environmentalist and a junior scientist by education is looking at helping the eco system of india. We want creative & innovative students who can come up with activities related to the company or product.

3) Sustainable Solar Advertising : launched on 1st June by the mayor of Mumbai. We have traffic islands in Mumbai for advertising. Here we make structure's out of recyclable materials which can be used for advertising and promotions.

4) Sustainable Homes / offices: Container mud bricks and plastic waste to homes. Low cost housing projects.

5) Rain Water Harvestation : saving and reusing water. bmc schools and corporate offices.

6) Waste Management Solutions : Design of solid waste management.Feasibility report.Technical drawing. BOQ preparation Implementation of solid waste management system.

7) Carbon Reduction/ Credit : audit.

8) Renwable Innovation : creating interactive props for offices, schools, collages, big societies and music festivals.

9) Greening Events : Sunburn.

10) Upcycling : is making thing out of waste. We design eco friendly green Offices schools homes restaurants stores, display windows landscaping etc. Very cool stuff. Visit our pg Apro Greentech on Facebook.


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