Marketing Hunter

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
17 Nov. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. NEEDS it's Hires to have Clarity and Culture; both being the definition of our brand.

2. The interns should have the kind of objectivity that makes them forget everything they've heard, clear the table and rock their Work-Goals.

3. Rigorously Stubborn approach is a must to meet the daily goals of meeting the Builders, A to Z companies of the building industry and their representatives.


1. Meet with the Builders and Company's Representatives. Follow through the Founder's Framework. Every Day is an Incentive Day. It is a hunt to grab the Incentives at the end of each day filled with various goals of the company.
2. Crack the deals required to be cracked with the representatives every day of the hired term.
3. The companies and Builders will be old, bored, young, tired, communicative, pessimistic, rude, orthodox and much more.
4. An Intern's prerequisite answer to this is passion, belief, commitment, work-o-phobia, tenacity, single-minded, relentless pursuit of their goals assigned every day.
5. They need to talk to their assigned companies of the day(we will provide the company's list), convince them to be a part of BUILDERSCART.COM and earn their Incentives at the end of the day.

About Company

The First Start-Up in India to Step into the Building World, BUILDERSCART.COM IS THE Singular Solution To all the Needs and Concerns of the Building and Construction Industry.
With the Singular Aim to be The Singular Stop Solution of the Construction World, being First from Start is the only way Forward. BUILDERSCART.COM aims to be just that and exactly this : The Singular Stop Solution to all of the Building and Construction Industry.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.