Sales Executive

Unify ConceptsDelhi
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
31 July 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:
1. Graduate in the Business or management.

2. Graduation in the Computers, Engineering or Technology related studies.

3. Strong Business related Knowledge.

4. Strong communication skills.

5. The desire for the sales job with strong determination.

6. Should be self motivated in achieving the goals.

7. Should posses the high skills of teamwork.

8. Should perform the job independently.

9. Should be having the capability to thrive in today’s competitive market.

10. Should have some work experience in this field so that he can face the customers easily with full confidence.


The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:
1. Maintain good relationships with the companies customers through regular Phone contact, e-mails or the personal contacts.

2. Build a connection between the current market and the future market with his company.

3. Provide the accurate feedback on the future buying trends to their employers.

4. Review their own aim and the performance at exceeding their targets.

5. Assist the management in taking the appropriate decisions in the discussions in the forthcoming products and on the special promotions.

6. Record the sales and the other information.

7. Report the sales report to the sales department.

8. Display the efficiency in gathering the customers and market information to enable conflicts regarding the customer specifications to their managers, delivery and the variation in the prices.

About Company

Unify Concepts specializes in providing Recruitment and Training solutions varying from just permanent staffing need to Recruitment Process Outsourcing to various Training needs. We understand client requirements and provide them with the best possible pool of candidates after matching your job description with the skill sets of each candidate lined up for interview.

Unify Concepts is at its Nascent Stage as an organization, although our team brings a lot of new ideas, works and creativity to the floor to conquer the play of competition. All our services are executed through a systematic process that involves identifying client's requirements, carrying initial screening and then coordinating for interviews post which interaction for joining with the candidate is carried out. Our customers range from start-ups to mid size enterprises who realize that they need a professional manpower solution to generate smoother business operations. When you assign this responsibility to Unify Concepts you can be rest assured that your organization will be equipped with a high performance workforce.


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