Marketing Executive

Croissant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Delhi
Sales and Marketing
Not Disclosed
21 Sept. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should have the following requirements:-
1. Willing to spend time to learn about our products, usage and benefits.

2. Should be self-motivated and willing to walk into a new prospect organization to understand their needs and build relationship.

3. Confident and clear communication skills to explain the product, application areas and benefits to the customer.

4. Should be able to apply logical reasoning to understand the customer problem and come up with suitable solutions.


The candidate should fulfil the following job responsibilities:-
1. Recognize and reach out to clients in businesses.

2. Pitch products and services.

3. Develop presentations.

4. Create and assess a business marketing strategy.

5. Develop competitive pricing strategies.

6. Follow through with customer and ensure satisfaction.

7. Oversee product development.

8. Create collateral to distribute during presentations.

9. Advise businesses on local, national, and international trends.

About Company

Croissant Technologies Pvt. Ltd is formed by group of professionals who have provided their services in Corporate and Individuals. We are dynamic and rapidly growing private facilitator to provide information, knowledge and support to handle day to day tasks right from Branding and Promotion to Increased business across the globe. Being an IT Company, we understand the importance of automation in the field of Information Technology Our customers and partners are most important to us. We facilitate efficient and detailed information through the use of the latest technology. Most of the technology is home grown and developed and tested in our own businesses.


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