Sales Executive

Black And White Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore
Sales and Marketing
Not Disclosed
28 July 2014

Job Description

1. Sales support cum pre-sales role with a Software based company.

2. Activities involve working on proposals, cold calling, market research, making presentations, fixing appointments.

3. Interact with pre-sales, sales & project managers for the necessary data.

4. Candidate should be extremely good at communication and presentation skills.


The candidate should fulfill the following responsibilities:-
1. Maintain and develop good relationship with customers through personal contact or meetings or via telephone etc.

2. Must act as a bridge between the company and its current market and future markets.

3.Display efficiency in gathering market and customer info to enable negotiations regarding variations in prices, delivery and customer specifications to their managers.

4.Help management in forthcoming products and discuss on special promotions.

About Company

Black and White. There can be no shades of grey in between. We can never leave things to chance. Everything has to be well defined. Presenting Black and White – your comprehensive Human Resource Partner – that understands you and meets your needs and expectations, right on time and every time. Now a days Human Resource Management is the most important process of every business. Most businesses fail, because they don’t hire the right people. Finding ideal resources is like sifting for a needle in the haystack

How is it then possible to find the right resource for your company? Do you need to resort to spending huge amounts of money on advertisements to find your ideal candidate? Or do you have to resort to paying astronomical fees for hiring a plausible recruit ?

Whatever be your recruitment strategy and seriously with due respects to your capabilities; what you get is all a game of chance. Well when you recruit what you think is the right candidate – and land up with the wrong one – it usually affects your business not only in terms of time lost, but also in terms of cost. This is a never ending cycle. What you do best is your business. What we do best is our business


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