Magical Assistance

Research & Development
25K - 50K
22 July 2015

Job Description

Azkabanee needs some help in finding mystical runes as well as taking care of specific magical creatures.

Knowledge in following subjects is required:

- Defence Against the Dark Arts
- Flying
- Herbology
- Muggle Studies
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Study of Ancient Runes

We do not hire first or second year students.


WANTED: stress resistant, ambitious, smart internee who is able to... overtime as necessary.
.... deal with dangerous situations.
... can fly on dragons.
... is able to use spells from 1st to 3rd grade.
.... be loyal and keep secrets.
... thinks logical and be spontaneous.
... forecast.


- broom will be provided
- free food
- flexible working times
- maybe... Fame ... if performance is well.


Awesome opening. Apply now.